Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Infatuation or love???

The two magical words which amuses me...

Infatuation is the feeling we get in our school days they say. Just like some guy for that particular period and its not love nor lust. But infatuation comes all throughout our life. I think whenever i like some guy its only infatuation and not love.

I don't understand how people realize its love seeing a person and they are their soul mate and will marry only that person. So many of my friends are in a relationship. Also they have not seen so many guys or girls in their life... how could they come to the conclusion she is the one or he is the one for them??? what if they encounter someone better person in future???

If i like some guy it will take time for me to understand why i like that person. Either he is good looking or good flirt or a intellectual person. I don't understand what love is??? I have never felt it... i end up thinking its just an infatuation...Am i missing something in it???

So please tell me, how to identify its love???

Friday, January 1, 2010

3 Idiots - Good or Bad???

Today i saw 3 idiots movie with my friend. I had too much expectation for this movie. Most of my friends who have seen the movie already liked it, but this movie failed to impress me. I expected more romance in this movie , because that's the part i loved in Five Points Someone.

I liked few main points which they tried to prove in the movie,first one engineering student getting pressurized in the college and ending up in suicide. Next one, students not allowed do what they wish do in their life.

The comedy was not up to the mark. First half of the movie was dragging. I liked second half of the movie a lot.

I will give 3 out of 5.
We can watch it once.
All is well :P

Happy New Year :)

Happy and Prosperous New Year 2010. Let all our dreams come true.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back To Blogging !!!

Hi everybody, I have really taken a long time to come back to my blog. After 8-month idleness in Chennai, I had a hectic life in Ahmedabad for 3 months. Now I'm successfully benched in Bangalore.

Life teaches lessons to each one, so does it did to me. I was desperate to get out of my home during those 8 months, but when I was away from home leading a hectic and stressful life facing failures. I felt lonely and started missing my home. I started missing my mom a lot. I messed up few tests during my training, so ended up getting my second option Bangalore and not first option Chennai :(

When I was desperate enough to come back to Chennai , but i was not able to come back . Now life in Bangalore is not so bad, but still it isn't equivalent to staying at home. Missing my parents, home food, my unlimited broadband connection, my activa etc....

Hereafter I will be regularly blogging.

p.s : Soon, I will update you more about my Bangalore life :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy days :)

At last i got sometime to write :) I'm as usual too busy chatting and in twitter these days... I hardly have time to read blogs. This month is so much happening for me. I got my passport after struggle of 8 months. My long awaited date of joining also came :) All are happy in home.

Past few months i was ranting about me sitting idle in home and not doing anything constructively. But now when i think about past 8 months, i feel i have really learnt a lot. I was the one little girl who always wanted her parent's help in getting something. My parents where too busy that they didn't had time to spare with me. I went alone everywhere to get my passport. I was short of one proof so i went to commissioner office to get a letter from deputy commissioner , who happens to be my friend's mom. I have now started to act individually without any ones help. So i have learnt to me individual. At times I'm too proud of myself :P I going alone to training along with my parents and my parents are not accompanying me :) At last i feel that my parents want me to face this world all alone , learn more about it.
Day before doj came where like hell , but still i managed to have fun and now after doj mail came its heaven, at last i came to know my destiny and future but I'm not able to have fun. Its the time to break all my laziness, internet addiction and a lot more. I'm still in a mixed emotion regarding my training :( :) :P Shopping is almost over. I'm getting prepared myself mentally for training these days.
Another happy news is my bro gonna come to India soon. I'm so excited about it. I have been missing him terribly. I just hope he comes before my joining.
So this is what happening in my life right now. Sorry to all my blog buddies for not able to be active and comment for their posts. I will be back blogging form soon. I'm forcing my mom to start a Tamil blog soon. She will be launching it quite soon.
This year has been treating me so well i hope this continues.

P.S: 25 days to go :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wonderful day

31st December my birthday... Best birthday so far celebrated... All the friends gathered in my home for lunch... Gossiped a lot... Had cake ,drinks and lunch :) Evening we all friends went to tower park :)Thanks to mom for preparing such a delicious food for us... Got my birthday gift from dad 6 days before , gift is New HONDA ACTIVA :) I'm so lucky to get this costliest gift from my dad ,even though I'm sitting in home useless for these months... My dad is really very generous... My friends , mom and dad made this birthday most memorable...
And my dear bro never minded to wish me on my birthday but he celebrated my birthday in his home with his friends :) Even though i scolded him for celebrating my birthday and cutting a cake in my name... But in heart i liked what he did :) Love u bro :) Here is his cake for me...

Its was a nice way to end the year and welcome the NEW YEAR 2009 :)
Started the year so well.. Installed the new OS in my PC, got 100 twitter followers :D
Happy and prosperous New Year to all the bloggers :)

p.s: Arvind Happy birthday :)
I wish let this year bring a lot of happiness to me and mainly my joining :)